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About Us

DiNapoli Peeled Tomatoes are made in the Italian Tradition.

Naples Italy, home of the soft, sweet San Marzano plum tomatoes is also the home of our ancestors and the family namesake "DiNapoli". That's one reason it gives us such pleasure to present our ultra-quality line of San Marzano style peeled tomatoes.

Backed by over 60 years of tomato processing experience, each can of DiNapoli peeled tomatoes is true to its Italian heritage; deep red color, soft fragile texture and a sweet natural taste; the closest thing to hand picked San Marzanos our family raised in the countryside surrounding Naples.

Our tomatoes are all grown and packed in California then provided in foodservice and consumer sized tins. We offer our San Marzano Style Peeled Plum Tomatoes packed as Whole, Strips and Ground. No matter what variety you choose, trust our family to provide quality tomatoes presented in the Italian tradition.

DiNapoli Tomato Sauces are always Fresh Packed

At DiNapoli Specialty Foods we understand that you use our Fresh Packed Sauces to make hundreds of unique "signature" recipes. That's why we insist in quality and consistency in all our sauces; can after can.

Quality in a sauce is measured by taste, color and consistency; and it all begins with Pomodori Scelti (tomato selection). With over 60 years of experience we know tomatoes! And we select only those varieties sure to give us the quality you demand. All our tomatoes are vine-ripened in the fields of California's Central Valley. Our sauces are fresh packed…never remanufactured!

Freshly harvested tomatoes are rushed to the cannery and processed within hours of harvest. By using lower temperature evaporators and high speed canning lines, we are able to provide extra thick and rich consistency without destroying the natural fresh tasting tomato flavor and color. You can trust us to provide ultra-quality fresh packed tomato products, can after can.

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Buon Appetito!

Robert DiNapoli

DiNapoli Specialty Foods, San Jose, California